Wool & Honey

wool and honey jumper

The super popular Wool & Honey jumper by Andrea Mowry has been on my favourite list on Ravelry since I started knitting, but I always feel that it’s beyond my ability, not to mention knitting a fingering weight jumper just sounds a bit torturous! Nevertheless, last winter I purchased the pattern because, what could go wrong? 😆

Wool and honey jumper

I did make a start in March (end of summer here in Australia), and have been working on it along with a couple of other projects, and finally, I finished it last week! The pattern is very well written and easy to follow. Also surprisingly, the pattern is actually quite easy to remember. Once I got the hang of it, it’s not that hard, but it doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. I made so many mistakes I pretty much knitted the yoke section twice. Also, about halfway through I realised the yarn I used (West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 Ply) isn’t the most suitable for this jumper. There were many mistakes that I didn’t bother to fix, I just want it done!

wool and honey jumper

In hindsight, I should just frog it and restarted with another yarn. I have been really good at knitting swatches before I started a project but I usually only check the tension, and never really consider if the fabric is how I want the end product to look and feel like. Well, you live and learn! That said, I’m so happy I finished a project that I thought was not achievable and I know the next one will be a lot better.

I’ve also discovered the Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off method, it’s now my favourite bind off method for rib!

I knitted a size XS and it fits very well. The fabric made in garter stitches is so squishy and warm, and it’s just an appropriate background for the hexagon pattern in the yoke.

wool and honey jumper wool and honey jumper

I don’t mind the ‘seam’ on the back at all, I just wish I knit tighter! You can see in the below photo that the seam stretched out a bit after blocking, but I’m getting really good at embracing the imperfections in my knitting projects. It’s at the back, I can’t see it! Haha…

wool and honey jumper

This is such a fun project, I can’t wait to knit it again! I would love to use the Brooklyn Tweed as per the sample but I knitted with it once, it’s too anxiety-inducing as it’s so fragile! I bought some merino singles from Louie and Lola for Wool & Honey no.2, so watch this space 😉.

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